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MP3 Howlin' Wolf
1. Moanin' in the moonlight (1962)
1. Moanin' at Midnight (Howlin' Wolf/Taub)
2. How Many More Years (Howlin' Wolf)
3. Smokestack Lightning (Howlin' Wolf)
4. Baby How Long (Howlin' Wolf)
5. No Place to Go (Burnett)
6. All Night Boogie (All Night Long) (Howlin' Wolf)
7. Evil (Dixon)
8. I'm Leaving You (Howlin' Wolf)
9. Moanin' for My Baby (Howlin' Wolf)
10. I Asked for Water (She Gave Me Gasoline) (Howlin' Wolf)
11. Forty-Four (Burnett/Howlin' Wolf)
12. Somebody walking in My Home (Howlin' Wolf)

2. Live in  Cambrige (1966)
1. Three Hundred Pounds of Joy (Dixon)
2. I Asked for Water (She Gave Me Gasoline) (Howlin' Wolf)
3. I Told My Baby (Howlin' Wolf)
4. Tell Me What I've Done (Howlin' Wolf)
5. Down in the Bottom (Dixon)
6. Dust My Broom (James/Johnson)

3. The London howlin' wolf sessions (1971)
1. Rockin' Daddy (Wolf)
2. I Ain't Superstitious (Dixon)
3. Sitting on Top of the World (Wolf)
4. Worried About My Baby (Wolf)
5. What a Woman! (Oden)
6. Poor Boy (Wolf)
7. Built for Comfort (Dixon)
8. Who's Been Talking? (Wolf)
9. The Red Rooster (false start and dialogue) (Dixon)
10. The Red Rooster (Dixon)
11. Do the Do (Dixon)
12. Highway 49 (Williams)
13. Wang Dang Doodle (Dixon)

4. Back door man (1988)
1. Shake For Me (Dixon)
2. The Red Rooster (Dixon)
3. You'll Be Mine (Dixon)
4. Who's Been Talkin' (Burnett)
5. Wang Dang Doodle (Dixon)
6. Little Baby (Dixon)
7. Spoonful (Dixon)
8. Goin' Down Slow (Oden)
9. Down In The Bottom (Dixon)
10. Back Door Man (Dixon)
11. Howlin' For My Baby (Dixon/Burnett)
12. Tell Me (Burnett)
13. Moanin' At Midnight (Burnett)
14. How Many More Years (Burnett)
15. Smokestack Lightning (Burnett)
16. Baby, How Long (Burnett)
17. No Place To Go (Burnett)
18. All Night Long (Burnett)
19. Evil (Dixon) (2:53)
20. I'm Leaving You (Commit A Crime) (Burnett)

5. The chess box (CD1) (1991)
1. Moanin' at Midnight (Howlin' Wolf)
2. How Many More Years (Howlin' Wolf)
3. Howlin' Wolf Boogie (Howlin' Wolf)
4. The Wolf Is at Your Door (Howlin' Wolf)
5. Mr. Highway Man (Howlin' Wolf)
6. Howlin' Wolf Talks, No.1
7. Bluebird Blues (Williamson)
8. Saddle My Pony (Howlin' Wolf)
9. Well That's All Right (Howlin' Wolf)
10. My Last Affair (Burnett)
11. Just My Kind (Howlin' Wolf)
12. Work for Your Money (Howlin' Wolf)
13. Mama Died and Left Me (Howlin' Wolf)
14. All Night Boogie (All Night Long) (Howlin' Wolf)
15. Streamline Woman (Burnett)
16. Crazy About You Baby (Burnett)
17. You Gonna Wreck My Life (No Place to Go) [alternate take] (Howlin' Wolf)
18. Neighbors (Howlin' Wolf)
19. Howlin' Wolf Talks, No. 2
20. I'm the Wolf (Howlin' Wolf)
21. Rockin' Daddy (Howlin' Wolf)
22. Baby How Long (Howlin' Wolf)
23. Evil (Dixon)
24. I'll Be Around (Howlin' Wolf)
25. Forty-Four (Howlin' Wolf)

6. The chess box (CD2) (1991)
1. Don't Mess With My Baby (Graham)
2. Smokestack Lightning (Howlin' Wolf)
3. You Can't Be Beat (Benett)
4. Howlin' Wolf Talks, No. 3
5. I Asked for Water (She Gave Me Gasoline) (Benett)
6. The Natchez Burning (Benett)
7. Who's Been Talking? (Burnett)
8. Tell Me (Howlin' Wolf)
9. Sitting on Top of the World (Howlin' Wolf)
10. I Didn't Know (Benett)
11. Moanin' for My Baby (Benett)
12. Change My Way (Benett)
13. I Better Go Now (Benett)
14. Howlin' for My Darlin' (Burnett)
15. I've Been Abused (Howlin' Wolf)
16. Mr. Airplane Man [alternate take] (Benett)
17. Wang Dang Doodle (Dixon)
18. Back Door Man (Dixon)
19. Howlin' Wolf Talks, No. 4
20. Down in the Bottom (Dixon)
21. Shake for Me (Dixon)
22. The Red Rooster (Dixon)
23. You'll Be Mine (Dixon)
24. Just Like I Treat You (Dixon)
25. Ain't Superstitious (Dixon)
26. Goin' Down Slow (Oden)

7. The chess box (CD3) (1991)
1. Hidden Charms (Dixon)
2. Three Hundred Pounds of Joy (Dixon)
3. Built for Comfort (Dixon)
4. Love Me Darlin' (Howlin' Wolf)
5. Killing Floor (Burnett/Howlin' Wolf)
6. My Country Sugar Mama (Howlin' Wolf)
7. Louise (Howlin' Wolf)
8. I Walked from Dallas (Howlin' Wolf)
9. Tell Me What I've Done (Howlin' Wolf)
10. Don't Laugh at Me (Howlin' Wolf)
11. Ooh Baby (Hold Me) (Howlin' Wolf)
12. New Crawlin' King Snake (Howlin' Wolf)
13. My Mind Is Ramblin' (Howlin' Wolf)
14. Commit a Crime (Howlin' Wolf)
15. Dust My Broom (Burnett)
16. I'm the Wolf (Howlin' Wolf/Ling Sam)
17. Ain't Goin' Down That Dirt Road (Howlin' Wolf)
18. Mary Sue (Howlin' Wolf)
19. Hard Luck (Howlin' Wolf)
20. The Red Rooster (Dixon)
21. Moving (Howlin' Wolf)

8. Who will be next (1992)
1. Who Will Be Next? (Burnett)
2. Have A Little Girl (Burnett)
3. Come To Me Baby (Burnett)
4. Don't Mess With Me Baby (Burnett)
5. Smokestack Lightnin' (Burnett)
6. You Can't Be Beat (Burnett)
7. I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline) (Burnett)
8. Break Of Day (Burnett)
9. The Natchez Burnin' (Burnett)
10. Goin' Back Home (Burnett)
11. Bluebird Blues (Williamson)
12. My Life (Burnett)
13. You Ought To Know (Burnett)
14. Who's Been Talkin' (Burnett)
15. Tell Me (Burnett)
16. Somebody In My Home (Burnett)
17. Nature (Burnett)

9. Ain't gonna be your dog (1994)
1. Look-A-Here Baby (Howlin' Wolf)
2. California Blues, No. 1 (Howlin' Wolf)
3. Worried All the Time (Howlin' Wolf)
4. Everybody's in the Mood (Howlin' Wolf)
5. Color and Kind (Howlin' Wolf)
6. Dorothy Mae (Howlin' Wolf)
7. Sweet Woman (Howlin' Wolf)
8. Decoration Day Blues (Howlin' Wolf)
9. Oh, Red! (Howlin' Wolf)
10. I'm Not Joking (Howlin' Wolf)
11. Highway My Friend (Howlin' Wolf)
12. Hold on to Your Money (Burnett)
13. California Blues, No. 2 (Howlin' Wolf)
14. Stay Here Til My Baby Comes Back (Howlin' Wolf)
15. Come to Me Baby (Howlin' Wolf)
16. So Glad (Howlin' Wolf)
17. Bluebird blues (Williamson)
18. My Life (Howlin' Wolf)
19. You Ought to Know (Howlin' Wolf)
20. Nature [alternate take] (Howlin' Wolf)
21. Walk to Camp Hall (Howlin' Wolf)
22. Poor Boy [alternate take] (Howlin' Wolf)
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