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MP3 Carl Perkins
1. A million dollar quartet (with Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins) (1956)
1. You Belong To My Heart (A.Lara/R.Gilbert)
2. When God Dips His Love In My Heart (C.Derricks)
3. Just A Little Talk With Jesus (C.Derricks)
4. Jesus Walked That Lonesome Valley (Traditional)
5. I Shall Not Be Moved (K.Morris)
6. Peace In The Valley (T.A.Dorsey)
7. Down By The Riverside (Traditional)
8. I'm With A Crowd But So Alone (C.Story/E.Tubb)
9. Farther Along (W.B.Stevens)
10. Blessed Jesus (Hold My Hand) (Traditional)
11. As We Travel Along On The Jericho Road (D.S.Crossman/traditional)
12. I Just Can't Make It By Myself (C.Ward)
13. Little Cabin On The Hill (B.Monroe/L.Flatt)
14. Summertime Is Past And Gone (B.Monroe)
15. I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling (B.Monroe)
16. Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong (B.Monroe/L.Flatt)
17. Keeper Of The Key (B.Stewart/H.Howard/K.Devine/L.Guynes)
18. Crazy Arms (C.Seals/R.Mooney)
19. Don't Forbid Me (C.Singleton)
20. Too Much Monkey Business (C.Berry)
21. Brown Eyed Handsome Man (C.Berry)
22. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind (C.Otis/I.J.Hunter)
23. Brown Eyed Handsome Man (C.Berry)
24. Don't Be Cruel (E.Presley/O.Blackwell)
25. Don't Be Cruel (E.Presley/O.Blackwell)
26. Paralyzed (E.Presley/O.Blackwell)
27. Don't Be Cruel (E.Presley/O.Blackwell)
28. When The Saints Go Marching In (J.M.Black/K.Purvis)
29. Softly And Tenderly (W.Thompson)
30. Is It So Strange (F.Young)
31. That's When Your Heartaches Begin (F.Fisher/W.Raskin/G.Brown)
32. Brown Eyed Handsome Man (C.Berry)
33. Rip It Up (J.Marascalco/R."Bumps" Blackwell)
34. I'm Gonna Bid My Blues Goodbye (H.Snow)
35. Crazy Arms (C.Seals/R.Mooney)
36. That's My Desire (C.Loveday/H.Kressa)
37. End Of The Road (J.L.Lewis)
38. Black Bottom Stomp (F.J.Morton)
39. You're The Only Star (In My Blue Heaven) (G.Autry)

2. The classic (1958-1965) Disc 1
1. Honky Tonk Babe (Gal) (C.Perkins)
2. Honky Tonk Gal (C.Perkins)
3. Movie Magg (C.Perkins)
4. Movie Magg (C.Perkins)
5. Turn Around (C.Perkins)
6. Turn Around (C.Perkins)
7. Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing (C.Perkins)
8. What You Doin' When You're Crying (C.Perkins)
9. Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing (C.Perkins)
10. You Can't Make Love To Somebody (C.Perkins)
11. Gone, Gone, Gone (C.Perkins)
12. Gone, Gone, Gone (C.Perkins)
13. Blue Suede Shoes [Take 1] (C.Perkins)
14. Blue Suede Shoes [Take 2] (C.Perkins)
15. Blue Suede Shoes [Take 3] (C.Perkins)
16. Honey Don't [Take 1] (C.Perkins)
17. Honey Don't [Take 2] (C.Perkins)
18. Honey Don't [Take 3] (C.Perkins)
19. Tennessee (C.Perkins)
20. Sure To Fall (C.Perkins/Q.Claunch/W.E.Cantrell)
21. All Mama's Children (C.Perkins/J.R.Cash)
22. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (C.Perkins)
23. Boppin' The Blues (C.Perkins/H.Griffin)
24. Put Your Cat Clothes On (C.Perkins)
25. Boppin' The Blues (C.Perkins/H.Griffin)
26. Only You (A.Rand/B.Ram)
27. You Can't Make Love To Somebody (C.Perkins)
28. Right String Baby, Wrong Yo-Yo (W.Perryman)

3. The classic (1958-1965) Disc 2
1. All Mama's Children (C.Perkins/J.R.Cash)
2. Dixie Fried (C.Perkins/H.Griffin)
3. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (C.Perkins)
4. Put Your Cat Clothes On (C.Perkins)
5. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (C.Perkins)
6. Dixie Fried [False Start] (C.Perkins/H.Griffin)
7. Dixie Fried (C.Perkins/H.Griffin)
8. I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry (W.Ballman)
9. That Don't Move Me (C.Perkins)
10. Lonely Street (C.Belew/K.Sowder/W.S.Stevenson)
11. Drink Up And Go Home (F.Hart)
12. Pink Pedal Pushers (C.Perkins)
13. The Way You're Living Is Breaking My Heart (J.Swan)
14. Down By The Riverside (traditional)
15. Her Love Rubbed Off (C.Perkins)
16. Caldonia (F.Moore) (2:05)
17. You Can Do No Wrong (C.Perkins)
18. I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry (W.Ballman)
19. That Don't Move Me (C.Perkins)
20. Lonely Street (C.Belew/K.Sowder/W.S.Stevenson)
21. Your True Love [Original Tempo] (C.Perkins)
22. Matchbox (C.Perkins)
23. Your True Love (C.Perkins)
24. Put Your Cat Clothes On (C.Perkins)

4. The classic (1958-1965) Disc 3
1. Matchbox (C.Perkins)
2. Put Your Cat Clothes On (C.Perkins)
3. Keeper Of The Key (B.Stewart/H.Howard/K.Devine/L.Guynes)
4. Roll Over Beethoven (C.Berry)
5. That's Right (C.Perkins/J.Cash)
6. Forever Yours (C.Perkins)
7. That's Right (C.Perkins/J.Cash)
8. Y.O.U. [With Narration] (G.Bain)
9. I Care (C.Perkins)
10. Y.O.U. [With Narration] (G.Bain)
11. Pink Pedal Pushers (C.Perkins)
12. Pink Pedal Pushers (C.Perkins)
13. Lend Me Your Comb (Twomey/Wise/Weisman)
14. Look At That Moon (C.Perkins/L.Moeller)
15. Lend Me Your Comb (Twomey/Wise/Wiseman)
16. Look At That Moon (C.Perkins/L.Moeller)
17. Glad All Over (A.Schroeder/R.Bennett/S.Tepper)
18. Tutti Frutti (D.Labostrie/J.Lubin/R.Penniman)
19. Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On (D.Williams)
20. That's All Right (A. "Big Boy" Crudup)
21. Where The Rio De Rosa Flows (J.Logsdon/V.Mcalpine)
22. Shake, Rattle & Roll (C.E.Calhoun)
23. Long Tall Sally (E.Johnson/R.Penniman/R."Bumps" Blackwell)
24. I Got A Woman (R.Charles)
25. Hey, Good Lookin' (H.Williams)
26. Sittin' On Top Of The World (L.Walter/L.Carter)
27. Good Rockin' Tonight (R.Brown)

5. The classic (1958-1965) Disc 4
1. Jive After Five (C.Perkins)
2. Rockin' Record Hot (C.Perkins)
3. Pink Pedal Pushers (C.Perkins)
4. Ready Teddy (Blackwell/Marascalco)
5. Jenny, Jenny (E.Johnson/Little Richard)
6. Because You're Mine (C.Perkins)
7. Pop, Let Me Have The Car (A. Halmay/E. Fontaine)
8. When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain (H.Woods/H.E.Johnson)
9. Hambone (C.Perkins/W.Walker)
10. This Life I Live (W.Morgan)
11. Honey 'Cause I Love You (M.Tillis/W.Walker)
12. Y.O.U. (G.Bain)
13. I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore (B.Benjamin/G.David Weiss)
14. Highway Of Love (H.Gordon/Hosey)
15. Pointed Toe Shoes (C.Perkins)

6. The classic (1958-1965) Disc 5
1. Blue Suede Shoes (C.Perkins)
2. Big Bad Blues (C.Perkins)
3. Say When (C.Perkins)
4. Monkey Shine (C.Perkins)
5. Mama Of My Song (R.Self)
6. One Of These Days (C.Perkins)
7. I Wouldn't Have You (M.Torok/R.Redd)
8. Help Me Find My Baby (C.Perkins)
9. After Sundown (C.Perkins)
10. For A Little While (C.Perkins)
11. Just For You (C.Perkins)
12. Forget Me (Next Time Around) (I.Stanton/W.Walker)
13. Hollywood City (O.Blackwell/W.Scott)
14. I've Just Got Back From There (J.Coleman/W.Walker)
15. Turn Around (C.Perkins)
16. The Unhappy Girls (F.Burch/M.Wilkin)
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