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MP3 Jazz 100 Ч.2
01. Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar - Andrew Sisters, Don Raye / Hughie Prinre / Sheehy Eleonore
02. Peggy The Pin-Up Girl - Glenn Miller,  J.J. Lob / Redd Evans
03. Monologue - Duke Ellington, Ellington
04. Flying Home - Ella Fitzgerald  (With Shoen And His Orchestra), B. Goodmun / L. Hampton / Sid Robin
05. Looking Back Over My Day - John Lee Hooker, J. L. Hooker
06. After You Get What You Want You Don't Want It  - Nat King Cole, Berlin Irving
07. Dream A Little Longer - Ella Fitzgerald (With Gordon Jenkins And His Orchestra), Grace Leboy Kahn
08. Brother, Can Yon Spare A Dime? - Bing Crosby, E. Y. Harburg / J. Gorney
09. Embraceable You  - Billie Holiday , G. Gershwin
10. I Want To Be Happy  - Benny Goodman , I. Caesar / Youmans Vincent
11. Stuttering Blues - John Lee Hooker, J. L. Hooker
12. It Never Entered My Mind  - Miles Davis,  Richard Rogers / Lorenz Hart
13. I Wonder Who - Ray Charles, Charles
14. (I Love You) - For Sentimental Reason, Nat King Cole, D. Watson / W. Best
15. You Won't Be Satisfied  - (Until You Break My Heart),  Ella Fitzgerald (Duet With Louis Armstrong; With Bob Haggart Orchestra), Freddie James / Larry Stark
16. It's All Up To You - Frank Sinatra (With Dinah Shore),  J. Styne / S. Cahn
17. The Children  - Sarah Vaughan, Tito Fontana I Sante Palumbo
18. Let's Put Out The Lights - (And Go To Sleep), Bing Crosby, H. Hupfeld
19. I Don't Want Your Money  - John Lee Hooker, J. L. Hooker
20. Alone In The City  - Ray Charles, William York
21. I Used To Love You  - (But It's All Over Now), Nat King Cole, Van Tilzer I Brown
22. The Gypsy  - Louis Armstrong & His All Stars, Smith
23. Lady Be Good  - Glenn Miller,  George Gershwin I Ira, Gershwin
24. Night And Day - Billie Holiday, C. Porter
25. Two Hearts Are Better Than One - Frank Sinatra, J. Kern / O. Hammerstein II
26. The Mystery Of Man - Sarah Vaughan, Francy Boland I Gene Lees
27. Did You Ever See A Dream Walking? - Bing Crosby, M. Gordon / H. Revel
28. My Old Flame  - Billie Holiday, Arthur Johnston I Sam Coslow
29.1 Want To Learn About Love - Ella Fitzgerald (With Day Dreamers), Allan Roberts I Lester Lee
30. Wand Ad Blues - John Lee Hooker, J. L. Hooker
31. He Ain't Got Rhythm - Benny Goodman, I. Berlin
32. Baby Baby - John Lee Hooker, J. L. Hooker
33. Oh, Lady Be Good - Benny Goodman, I. & G. Gershwin
34. Now I Know  -  Glenn Miller & Johnny Desmond, Harold Arlen I Ted Koehler
35. Body And Soul  - Billie Holiday, Eyton I Green I Heyman I Sour
36. Love In Bloom - Bing Crosby,  L. Robin / R. Rainger
37. But Not For Me - Sarah Vaughan, George Gershwin / Ira Gershwin
38. With My Head In The Clouds - Glenn Miller, Irving Berlin
39. Proper Cup Of Coffee - Andrew Sisters,  A. Gershunoff / E. Pellegrini
40. I'm Beginning To See The Light - Duke Ellington, James I Ellington I Hodges I George
41. Blue Monday -  John Lee Hooker,  J. L. Hooker
42. Body And Soul (Take 2) - Benny Goodman, Heyman / Sour / Eyton / Green
43. April In Paris - Glenn Miller, Duke / Harburg
44. I Feel So Smoochie - Nat King Cole, P. Moore
45. I'm Leaving (Baby) - John Lee Hooker,  J. L. Hooker
46. Tuxedo Junction  - Glenn Miller,  Buddy Feyne / Buddy Johnson / Erskine Hawkins / Julian Dash
47. My Man (Mon Honmie) - Billie Holiday, Albert Willemetz / Channing Pollack,  Jacques Charles / Maurice Yvain
48. One For My Baby  - (And One More For The Road),  Frank Sinatra,  H. Arlen / J. Mercer
49. Girl Disappointed In Love - Sarah Vaughan,  Tito Fontant / Santle Palumbo / Karol Wojtyla
50. Walkin' The Boogie - John Lee Hooker,  J. L. Hooker
51. Sometimes I'm Happy - Benny Goodman, Caesar I Vin. Youmans I Grey Clifford
52. Chant Of The Blues  - Nat King Cole,  N. Cole
53. It All Came True - Frank Sinatra,  S. Skylar
54. Gotta Boogie - John Lee Hooker, J. L. Hooker
55. I'm Beginning To See The Light - Ella Fitzgerald, (Duet With The Ink Spots), Danny George / Duke Ellington, Harry James / Johny Hodges
56. It's Only A Paper Moon - Ella Fitzgerald, (With The Delta Rhythm Boys), Billy Rose / E. Y. "Yip" Harburg / Harold Arlem
57. Lover Man - Duke Ellington (With Marion Cox), Davis / Ramirez / Sherman
58. Nice Work If You Can Get It - Andrew Sisters, George Gershwin / Ira Gershwin
59. Georgia On My Mind - Billie Holiday, H. Carmichael / S. Gorrell
60. How High The Moon - Ella Fitzgerald,  Morgan Lewis / Nancy Hamilton
61. Please Don't Go - John Lee Hooker, J. L. Hooker
62. I Feel Good - John Lee Hooker, J. L. Hooker
63. Ain't That Fine - Ray Charles, H. Robert
64. But Not For Me - Miles Davis, Davis
65. Nature Boy - Nat King Cole,  Eden Ahbez
66. Need Somebody - John Lee Hooker, J. L. Hooker
67. I'm Making Believe - Ella Fitzgerald, (Duet With The Ink Spots), James V. Monaco / Mark Gordon
68. Tea For Two - Frank Sinatra (With Dinah Shore), V. Youmans / I. Caesar
69. Let It Live - Sarah Vaughan, Gene Lees / Lalo Schifrin
70. A Little Learnin' - Is A Dangerous Thing, Frank Sinatra, S. Oiiver / D. Jacobs
71. Without A Song - Duke Ellington, Toumans/ Rose / Eliscu
72. The Man I Love - Billie Holiday, I. Gershwin
73. Shine - Bing Crosby, C. Mack / C. Brown / F. Dabey
74. The More I See You - Sarah Vaughan, Harry T. Warren / Mack Gordon
75. Rum And Coco-Cola - Andrew Sisters,  Jeri Sullavan / Paul Baron / Morey Amsterdam
76. I Believe - Frank Sinatra,  J. Styne / S. Cahn
77. Dazie Mae -  John Lee Hooker, J. L. Hooker
78. Jumpin' In The Morning - Ray Charles, Charles
79. Don't Blame Me - Nat King Cole,  Mchugh / Fields
80. I'm So Excited - John Lee Hooker,  J. L. Hooker
81. Oh, Lady Be Good - Ella Fitzgerald, (With Bob Haggart And His Orchestra), Georpe Gershvin / Lra Gershvin
82. Prelude To A Kise - Duke Ellington, Ellington /Gordon / Mills
83. Hallelujah - Glenn Miller, Grey / Robin / Youmans
84. Just One Of Those Things - Sarah Vaughan, Cole Porter
85. Woody 'N You - Miles Davis, Davis
86. Roll And Rumble - John Lee Hooker,  J. L. Hooker
87. You're Breakin' In A New Heart - Ella Fitzgerald,  (With Bob Haggart And His Orchestra), Ervin Drake / Jimmy Shirl
88. (I Love You) Porgy - Billie Holiday,  G.Gershvin
89. White Christmas -  Frank Sinatra, I. Berlin
90. It's Only A Papermoon - Miles Davis, Arlen / Harburg / Rose
91.I Wanna Walk - John Lee Hooker, J. L. Hooker
92. My Baby Likes To Bebop - (And I Love To Bebop Too),  Ella Fitzgerald, Walter Bishop
93. I Love My Man -  Billie Holiday, Holiday
94. The Hawk Talks  - Duke Ellington, Ellington
95. Please -  Bing Crosby, L. Robin / R. Rainger
96. There's No Business Like Show Business -  Frank Sinatra, Irving Berlin
97. Here W'e Go Again - Glenn Miller,  J. Gray
98. Saturday Night Is - The Loneliest Night In The Week, Frank Sinatra, J. Styne / S.Cahn
99. Steet Blues - Duke Ellington, Ellington
100. Lt Should Have Been Me -  Ray Charles, Curtis
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